Why Build A Tiny House?

For a creative outlet, that's why. 

I'm not a fixed gear riding, flannel wearing, IPA swilling hipster. I'm not trying to stick it to the man. I don't live in a metropolitan area where the only real estate that's affordable can fit in the bed of my pickup truck. I just like to build things. 

Tiny Houses have always kind of piqued my interest. I consider myself a pretty practical dude. I love the way people have to utilize every inch of space in those things and how creative folks get with them. 

As a single, no kids, no dog, still relatively young guy, I don't need a lot of space. The one bedroom apartment I just moved into is still basically empty, yet I have everything I need in it. Plus, if the space is small I'm less likely to leave beer bottles laying around...

However, the main reason for building a tiny house is to get my hands dirty again. I grew up in residential homebuilding. I worked for my Dad building houses every chance I had growing up and through most of college. It's the reason I graduated with a degree in Construction Management. It's what I've always known. 

I'm about five and a half years removed from college and well into a pretty solid career in construction project management. I've been involved with everything from building a campground to building a discount chain store to constructing $15mil+ wastewater treatment plants. My most recent project was a 25,000SF, LEED Certified state office building. I'm particularly proud of that one because I switch gears and got back out of an office role and got to manage that project start-to-finish in the field. I love my career and I love being on the management side of a jobsite, but, I also love driving home covered in sawdust and swinging an Estwing framing hammer - neither of which I get to at all while putting together submittal packages and RFIs or sending emails. 

So, building a 200SF (round number) tiny house should be a piece of cake, right? Time will tell, I reckon.