What: Recapture the adventurous spirit of Appalachia. Initially based around the ever-growing network of OHV trails, Ride Moonshine Country has since expanded to seek out adventure no matter the activity. 

Where: While home base is southeast KY coal country, Moonshine Country encompasses much of the Central and Southern Appalachian Mountains. Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Carolina - anywhere the Mountain Dew is clear and has a bit more of a kick. 

How: Still largely based around OHV and mountain bike riding, first-hand content will be provided to showcase the expansive, yet mostly overlooked, outdoor opportunities in Appalachia. Hiking, camping, and just being outdoors will be sprinkled in to keep things interesting.

Why: To give an insider's perspective on what makes this place special. To cast a positive light over a region that generally gets characterized by its troubles, issues, and struggles.