5/29/2019: Well, the website has been pretty much idle, unlike my dirt bike. This season has been more about racing and a little less trail riding. I got in two Mid-South Cross Country races earlier this spring but the highlight of the season so far has been the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro rounds that I’ve been able to make so far. If I was a dedicated blogger, I would have put together some race reports but I blame my real job for the lack of motivation. However, you can watch a lap of each test from Hidden Valley Golf Course (yes, Golf Course!) here and here.

I do have some trail guides to post once I stop being lazy. Until then, I hope to see y’all out at the next Sprint Enduro at Harleywood just outside of Bristol in June!

5/29/2019: I’m on a roll tonight. Windrock Park top secret singletrack Trail Guide is finally up.

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