Unofficially Official - Good Time Gatherings

The Briery Creek Turkey Run, a long-standing tradition for ATV enthusiasts in northeast KY, has been put to an end by an out-of-state timber company. Turkey Run, held on Black Friday every year, was a gathering of folks on unofficial trails around Rowan, Lewis and surrounding counties. Most of the trails were old logging roads with the main gathering being several hills cleared for gas pipelines or powerlines. 


I'm not from the area so I don't know if someone organized this shindig or if it was just started by a group of buddies and blossomed into a much bigger event. I rode shotgun in a SxS a few years ago and had a blast. Briery Creek Turkey Run Fest is a beer drinkin', redneckin' good time and it's a shame to see it stopped. 

It makes me wonder how many unofficially-official events like Briery Creek there are out there. Events without an organizer, held on land that may or may not be designated for trail use. Events that bring together groups of folks that have a great time while respecting the people and places around them. 

Do we, as participants, have the right to be upset when the law comes down on 'outlaw' events like these or do we just move on? The good news for those around northeast KY is that local offroad parks are picking up the slack and also doing good things with it