What is Ride Moonshine Country?

Ride Moonshine Country was an idea that came about as I was sitting behind an office desk trying like hell to find some decent, up-to-date information on dirt bike trails. I grew up being spoiled by the ability to ride out of the driveway, up the holler and be on an endless amount of offroad trails in minutes - with no planning. It took moving to Central Kentucky to realize how lucky I was to not have to research a trail system, find free time, load up the truck and drive a few hours away to ride (and hope the information was current).

I've made it my mission to seek out trails in the Mid-South and put them in a spotlight (no matter how dim...). In my research I've found so many trails being developed that barely have a mention in a local newspaper, much less a website or Facebook page. Hell, my home county has one of the very few ATV training centers in the country, is tied to miles and miles of developed OHV and horse trails, and I don't even know what website has updated information for it. 

I am by no means an "authority" on anything trails or adventure related. I'm just an enthusiast who wants to share my lifelong passion and future adventures with anyone who cares to listen. But most of all I want to track down and sniff out all of the incredible trails that we have in our own backyard. Whether it's on a dirt bike, mountain bike, 4wheeler or by foot I hope to get out and show people that Appalachia isn't just strip mines and poverty. This place truly is special and it's time we change the conversation. 

From the mountains of the Cumberland Plateau to the bogs of the Land Between the Lakes. Kentucky, Tennesse, Virginia, Carolina, and the like. From Coal Country to Bourbon Country to the Red Dirt Roads, we're all in Moonshine Country. And I intend to cover as much of it as possible.

If y'all know of a trail being developed or just needs to be shown a little love drop me a line. Let's kick the tires and light the fires.