Buy Gear That Just Works

Average folks on average budgets don’t have the luxury of testing and trying different gear, the latest tech, and the newest big thing. We don’t get to spend days at a time in the saddle or in the backcountry, so we don’t need ultralight or ultra expensive. A lot of our outings take place after getting home from the 9-to-5 (lol... 7-to-5 on a good day) and on the weekends. 

I don’t own a lot of purpose built gear. By that I mean the shorts I wear mountain biking come from The North Face so that I can wear them biking, hiking, camping or drinking beer on the patio. No knee-knocker mountain bike capris, unacceptable inside of bars not in Brevard. No chamois because I rarely have the opportunity to link multiple long days in the saddle; I can deal with the occasional soreness. I wouldn’t mind to have a pair of FiveTen shoes but I’ll just make do with whatever I have. 

I don’t have ultralight bike/backpacking gear because I car camp more often than backcountry camp. I’m not thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, I’m just spending one night in the woods with my bike. 

The only gear that I buy for a specific purpose is for my Moto bike... some of which I crossover to mountain bike. Sure, that moto helmet would be hotter'n nickel night at the cathouse if riding enduro but it works just fine for park laps. 

I’m not saying anyone should be cheap when it comes to getting outside. Mountain biking, hiking, or backcountry exploration in general are inherently dangerous. You shouldn’t risk your safety on cheap gear. My mountain bike is worth more than the trade-in value on my truck, I don't skimp when it matters. That isn't a humblebrag, I just don't want to crack a head tube 10 miles into Pisgah National Forest (and I drive a Ford so it's good for at least a million miles). 

Do I have the latest baggies from Fasthouse? Nope, but these $45 TNF shorts are stretchy and quick drying, which is good enough for me. Buy quality goods you can compromise with while not being foolish, what a novel idea!

It’s okay to be a gear geek if that’s what you enjoy, I geek out too. There’s just no need in judging the dude in the lift line wearing the Fox motocross jersey instead of a Fox bike jersey (i.e., me), that’s just nonsense. You're taking this whole thing too serious, Bro. Just get out there.