Windrock Park (OHV Trails)

Search Windrock Park on a forum like ThumperTalk and you'll definitely have several threads pop up of folks wanting to know more about the dirt bike singletrack. Unfortunately for those of us on the outside there isn't much info out there to be found. It's kind of that Surfer mindset of protecting the secret lineup so that it's not overrun with kooks and destroyed altogether. I get it, I honestly do, but dammit I want to ride more of it!

I wrote a blog post questioning whether or not we’re helping or hurting the sport but being so tight lipped about these things. You can read it here. Here is a pretty good example of the types of threads that pop up on forums. The thread is specifically looking to pay someone to guide them at Windrock. A quote from the original poster, “I've been asking around for some help to find this "secret single track" the locals keep quiet about. We get it, preserving trails isn’t a new concept to us by any means.” As you can see, it’s serious business.

Outside of the dirt bike world, Windrock Park has recently seen quite a bit of notoriety for Windrock Bike Park. I haven't been able to take my peddler to Oliver Springs yet but it's definitely high on my list. Check out this really cool feature posted to a couple years ago.

I went to Windrock on a last minute decision and basically did no planning beforehand. I had my motorcycle with me because I knew I wanted to ride while in the area, I just hadn’t decided on where. I even sent out a last minute Hail Mary on ThumperTalk that morning, slightly hungover from witnessing Kentucky Football get beat on Rocky Top, hoping someone could direct me to some good trails. I got no response. 

Fortunately the folks at the Windrock General Store were pretty helpful in pointing out the area I need to unload at. From there I was pretty much just riding up the main doubletrack until I spotted something that looked like a dirt bike trail. 


This is where I would typically list a couple of trail names or numbers but honestly I couldn't even tell you. The singletrack I ended up on, by total accident, was completely unmarked and I actually got pretty lost by the end of it. I ended up in the middle of a freshly logged side of a mountain and had to take a logging road back to one of the marked trails. I believe it was somewhere off of G50 but I don't even remember that for sure. I guess this is unfortunately fitting for the overall theme of this post. 

Here is a video of the trail. This is me riding solo just exploring the park. No idea where the trail was taking me or what to expect but damn the scenery was worth it. 

I will say that Windrock Park is easily at the top of my list of trail systems that I've ridden at, period. The shear size of the park is unbelievable. I mean, take a look at this photo I snapped with my phone. The windmills way off in the distance are just up from the General Store on the main side of the park.


Maybe I just got lucky and stumbled upon one of the best trails on the property. But from what I've seen online and what I got to ride while there, I have absolutely no doubt there are dozens of trails that probably top what I found.