Mine Made Adventure Park - Knott County KY

Beautiful Knott County, Kentucky. Home of the historic Hindman Settlement School, the Appalachian Artisan Center, and the dude typing. Knott County is also home to Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park. 

I'll be honest, I don't know a lot about the trails at Mine Made Park. Most of my riding at home is usually on undeveloped mining and logging roads. I hope to use this guide as a way to discover all the cool things offered at my hometown trails and spread the word to those of you not from 'round these parts. 

Just so y'all know, all of this information is still put out by myself as a hobby. No one involved in the management of the trail system or county has been contacted or involved in any of this.

General Info

Knott County's Mine Made Adventure Paradise Park, I'll shorten that to Knott Co. or Mine Made, is a county owned trail system built on a reclaimed strip mine donated by the family that owned much of the land. Because of this, the Knott County trails are very reminiscent of Harlan County's Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure area (with lower elevations and no Jeep trails). I'm sure the county tourism information gives some kind of mileage the trail system contains but I can guarantee you that number is far less than what's actually out there. 

Knott County is most well-known for the Knott County Horse Trail Ride, hosted once in the spring and once in the fall of each year. The Trail Ride regularly hosts thousands of horse riders from across the nation and provides a big boost to the local economy. It is a real-world example of the power of adventure tourism. A bit of helpful information for OHV trail riders: Mine Made Adventure Park is closed to OHV use during the weekend of the Trail Ride. 

The park is free to ride except during events, a huge plus. It does cost to camp and you can find those prices posted on their Facebook page. 

You can find information for the campground on the Mine Made Adventure Paradise Park and Campground Facebook page. You can also find general information and events on the  Knott County's Mine Made Adventure Park page. Both are updated regularly. You can also find information on the Knott County Tourism Facebook page and website

Update: Additional information can be found at Trailsrus.com/knottcounty.

Guided rides are available and come highly recommended from others (I haven't been on one myself). Contact the campground for more information. 

Lodging is scarce if you're not planning to camp. There are some cabins for rent but to my knowledge they aren't close to the park. Hazard offers the biggest selection of hotels. Prestonsburg has a few hotels including the Lodge at Jenny Wiley Lake (take your mountain bike and ride Sugarcamp Mountain). Knott County is a dry county so you'll have to stop in Jackson, Hazard, or Prestonsburg if you like to enjoy a frosty brew after a long day in the saddle. 

Speaking of Jackson, your GPS will probably suggest taking Route 1098 between Jackson and the Park. If you're towing a trailer or RV, I would suggest continuing down KY-15 to Hazard instead. 1098 is very scenic and takes you through Southfork Elk View Station, which is worth stopping at (or riding to from Mine Made), but the road is very narrow in places with a lot of steep switchbacks. If you have AT&T like I do, you won't have cell service for most of the next hour until you get on top of the mountain at Mine Made. If you're just hauling in the bed of your truck, it's the most direct route and is honestly part of the adventure. 

Check out the Trail Guide that I hope to continue to contribute to regularly.

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