MTB: Breaks Interstate Park, VA

The Breaks Interstate Park, known as the Grand Canyon of the South, is located east of Elkhorn City, KY and splits the Virginia/Kentucky border. The Russell Fork River, which created the gorge, is a destination for kayakers the world over. With incredible views of Pine Mountain and into VA, KY, WV, TN, and OH this little slice of Appalachian Pie is worth the trip for anyone looking to get outside. 

The mountain bike trails are condensed to one area of the park. At this time of the year (Memorial Day Weekend), the MTB trails did not provide a whole lot of scenic overlooks but I also didn't get to see half of what the trails had to offer. The well known overlooks are a short hike from the access roads coming into the park and, although not accessible to bikers, are well worth checking out. 

The area had received days and days of rain prior to this trip which caused some concern for trail conditions. However, with the natural terrain and the age of the trails, the rain did not seem to affect the conditions at all. There were a few spots where the streams were still swollen but none of them were any trouble to cross. 

These trails offer incredible flow. There are areas that feel like you don't pedal for miles. The Rattlesnake Trail was extremely fun even without a notable, steep downhill. This trail just flowed up and down, in and out and just kept giving. There were spots that were overgrown pretty bad but once you punch through you're back in the clear. 

There are a very small handful of man made obstacles. Don't expect large wood bridges or massive berms here. This is natural, old school trail done very well. Rock gardens were strew throughout and none of them seemed overly technical and all were fun to bounce through. 

Overall, Breaks Interstate Park is definitely worth a day trip. Throw in some hiking and you can explore this area for days at a time, just don't expect miles upon miles of MTB riding.