9/27/2018: Continuing updates on the Cave Run Lake area Hot Spot. A few raw GoPro videos have been added to the YouTube channel and the White Sulfur OHV Trail Guide will see a few more updates as well.

8/6/2018: I've made slight updates to the White Sulfur OHV Trails guide - after finally deciding to bring the dirt bike to town. 

7/18/2018: Between collarbone recovery, family vacation, and my day job, I've been slacking on the riding trips. However, something completely off the wall is underway. Because I haven't been 100% released to go pin it yet, I'm still hesitant to do much riding so I've decided to take a leap and build a Tiny House instead of wasting much time. I've added a page but I'm too early in the process to put up any content just yet. Stay tuned, this might get interesting. 

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